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About Me


Owner, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Yoga Instructor, AKA The Sexy Savvy Badass Entrepreneur  


I absolutely love giving massages. When I was younger (20 years ago!), I found massage to be very boring. My mind would race and I would count each second of a 60 minute session; but now, every time I give a massage, I learn something new about my clients and friends, myself, and my practice.


A massage session is incredibly fertile ground for not only the receiver, but also the giver. It is an opportunity to quiet the mind and allow the whisperings of creativity to bubble to the surface. I find that if I allow my mind to relax enough, the massage becomes a dance and each movement flows flawlessly from one stroke to the next, looking for that one spot that needs a little extra love and attention.

I love finding those places in our bodies, that we all neglect, that we know are there and in need of touch and love, but are impossible for us to reach on our own. Those places that make us feel physically hindered and nag all too frequently at our minds. Those places are my specialty, and they make me love my work.