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Alicia Hamilton

Bohemian Bodywork (Includes Hot Stones)

Bohemian Bodywork weaves everything Alicia has learned over the last 20 years into a single fluid session. She tailors each treatment to the needs of the individual client. You can expect to experience a luxuriously effective hot stone massage balanced with the perfect amount of deep tissue work, energy clearing and humorous life advice. 

  • 30 Min : $55

  • 45 Min : $70

  • 60 Min : $90

  • 75 Min : $105

  • 90 Min : $130

  • 105 Min : $150

Coral Sunrise

Sunrise Therapeutic Massage

Coral combines deep tissue, relaxation, and energy techniques to tailor each session to the individual client. 

  • 30 Min : $55

  • 45 Min : $70

  • 60 Min : $85

  • 75 Min : $100

  • 90 Min : $120

Alicia Hamilton

Bohemian MiniRetreat

Welcome back to you! Allow me to remind you how amazing it is to be present in your body from head to toe. Each session includes: 60 or 90 minute Bohemian Bodywork, 60 min Private Yoga, Essential Oils, Smudging, Tea, and Card Reading (optional).

  • 2.5 Hour MiniRetreat : $210

  • 3 Hour MiniRetreat : $250


Receive a 10% discount when purchasing three massages.

AddOn Services

(Must be Booked with a Massage)

  • 15 Min Nap : $15

There are times that getting off the table after a massage is nearly impossible.  Wouldn't it be nice to just lie there for a few extra minutes before entering the world again?  Yes, yes it would.  Enjoy. 

  • 15 Min Guided Meditation (Alicia Only) : $15

Sometimes we all have a hard time getting out of our heads and into our bodies when we rush from our lives to the massage table.  This pre-massage meditation will take you on a journey back into your body so that you can fully appreciate the body and energy work that is about to ensue. ​

  • 45 Min Private Yoga Session (Alicia Only) : $45

Leave​ your next massage fully alert, fully embodied, and fully stretched from head to toe.  This gentle yoga set will bring you back to reality and give you a deeper awareness of your muscles post-massage before heading back to your life.

  • CBD Oil Massage : $10

Experience the magical benefits of being slathered in CBD oil from head to toe while being massaged with hot stones and therapeutic massage techniques.​