Bohemian Musing ~ Dec 14, 2020

Whisperings from Paradise Found

I love the first snowstorm of the season, especially this year. It felt like a soothing blanket of coolness to the feverish tone of the last few months. The snow is a solid reminder of where I'm from: Wisconsin, the upper Midwest, a place of tropical summers and frigid snowy winters. I have fought with Winter most of my life. I even planned to leave Wisconsin next Spring for New Orleans...but then, Covid. It changed everything. Literally, everything. But most importantly, it changed how I feel about where I'm from, who I am. I am from the land of the Great Lakes, Sugar Maples, the Mississippi, the North Woods, the home of 11 recognized Tribal Nations. I live on the land of the Ho Chunk, who were here for three ice ages before me and my ancestors. I have become acutely aware of the need and desire to love and honor the land I am from and those who came before me. My perceptions have changed. I am more sensitive to the needs of those around me (plant, animal, and human) and to my own needs. And what a lovely morning for a walk at Cherokee Marsh with all this swimming in my mind! I arrived 5 minutes before sunrise and was fortunate enough to witness the amazing Sun climb over the prairie snow. Such a beautiful way to start the week.

On a more materialistic note, we decided on a second camper for Shady Grove Fancy Camping! It's going to be such a pleasure camping in this not-so-little camper in the Wisconsin forests next summer. You can expect to see all of the new camper information uploaded to the Shady Grove Website after Christmas. It will comfortably sleep 4, have an indoor kitchen, toilet, shower, and dinette. SO fancy!!!

Retreats for next summer are also coming along nicely. We have procured a beautiful location 35 minutes from downtown Madison, in the rolling hills just outside of Mount Horeb. These retreats will be rustic half-day events for 1 or 2 people that will include massage, yoga, hiking, meditation, card reading, healing...and of course, just hanging out with me over a cup of tea around a campfire in the woods. What could be better!? The intent is for folks to connect with the Earth and themselves to find inner peace, healing and inspiration. Look for more information in the coming months.

I hope that you all have a beautiful and inspiring coming week. Remember to take time to appreciate this moment in your life.

Much Love,


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Here We Go...I Did A Thing

This 20 minute video was only supposed to be 10...but you know, it's a work in progress, and I had to start somewhere! This video includes a meditation and some gentle stretching. Enjoy (and try not to make fun of me the next time you see me!).

Beautiful Things

"You may not see it today or tomorrow, but one day you'll look back and be absolutely awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wonderful, or where you always wanted to be. You'll be grateful things didn't work out the way you once wanted them to." ~ Brianna Wiest

Artwork by Gianni de Canno

Self-Care Tip: Buy Thee-self a Heating Pad!

We all have that part of our body that just aches, and during the Winter our bodies get chilled and our aches get even achier. One of the most satisfying purchases I ever made was an electric heating pad. Remember the ones your mom or grandma had when you were a kid. Forget the hot water bottle! Those things get My heating pad is plugged in next to my bed, and I turn it on every night as I'm crawling in. It heats up very quickly and provides soothing, relaxing heat to wherever needs it most (usually my low back, shoulders or neck). You would not believe how ahhh...inspiring this inexpensive little gadget is. Even when I'm traveling (or camping in my camper!), my trusty heating pad comes along. It's also great to have on your work chair if you work at a desk. Trust me, you won't be able to live without it can thank me later.

Featured Business: Maureen Cassidy Photography

If you don't know Maureen, you need to. She is one of those people who just makes you feel good the instant you meet. She is kind, funny, compassionate, unassuming, and a super talented photographer. She is what I like to call a photographer for life. Once she shoots something for you, you'll want her to do all the things: engagement, wedding, graduation, yearly family photo, professional pics, pregnancy, boudoir (she's SO good at making you feel comfortable and sexy in your body!) name it, she can shoot it.

What is an Unwinding Hot Stone Massage Combo?

Get ready to melt, ladies and gentlemen! I am now combining the Unwinding and Hot Stone Massage sessions. This is truly a weaving of modalities that will bring you to a place of unbelievable peace and relaxation. It is highly recommended (if not, legally required!) that you set a couple of peaceful hours aside after the session for integration and grounding.

Bohemian Unwinding focuses on the connection between the body, mind and spirit. During this part of the session I use hands-on energy work, card reading, guided meditation, aromatherapy and sound therapy in the safety of a healing cocoon to help clients relax their energetic core, expand into their energetic body and release tension stored in the body.

Once you have have melted into the table and are fully in your body, I will begin the Hot Stone Massage portion of the session. I tailor each treatment to the needs of the individual client. You can expect to experience a luxuriously effective hot stone massage balanced with the perfect amount of deep tissue work. Expect an "almost" full body massage.

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Remember! Humor is an important part of the healing process. Let's not take ourselves too seriously ;)

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