Bohemian Musing ~ Dec 7, 2020

Whisperings from Paradise Found

My week has been full, busy and full of energy, which I am grateful for (even if is at times begrudgingly so). I am not much of a Holiday decorations person. I normally find my normal day-to-day business more than enough for my plate to handle, but my 7-year-old daughter LOVES the holidays. So, we have spent the week tracking down Fred (her Elf on the Shelf), building a house for Fred, putting up the Christmas tree, watching Home Alone and putting out the holiday village. Seeing the pure joy on her face day after day keeps me from pulling my hair out!

I've also started planning for the summer. The beginnings of half day and full day retreats out in the country are underway. I'll keep you posted!

Lastly, some exciting news about our sister business, Shady Grove Fancy Camping: we received a grant from the state to expand this little side hustle. So, we are hoping to add another cute little camper to the fleet before the end of the year.

I hope you have a lovely week and are able to find time to connect with nature and take some deep restoring breaths.


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Wednesday, 9th: 1030am

Thursday, 10th: 645am

Beautiful Things

"To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed -- That can make life a garden."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

New e-Gift Card Program: Buy Today

I have a new e-Gift Certificate program that allows you to purchase a gift certificate, choose the background image AND have it delivered on a specific date. It's pretty sweet.

Self-Care Tip: Morning Routine

One of the simplest ways to set the day off on the right foot is a lovely morning routine. A successful morning routine not only contains things you think you "should" do, but also activities you genuinely feel spoiled by. I would suggest taking time one of these next mornings to brainstorm your perfect morning routine. Make a list of what your perfect morning would look like. Then start by adding one or two new activities to your morning routine. Once they become routine, add another or make an adjustment. The great thing about morning routines is they can always change to suit the weather, your mood or the place in life you find yourself that week. Here is what my perfect morning routine would look like today:

  • Wake up and snuggle in bed with my hubby

  • Have a cup of coffee while I'm doing the morning's crossword puzzle

  • Pull an Oracle card and meditate for 5 minutes to set the tone for the day

  • Take the puppers for a nice 1-3 mile walk

  • Come home and do an hour of gentle yoga while listening to an inspirational podcast

  • Have breakfast with my little

This never all happens...but a girl can dream :)

Featured Organization: DAIS

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services [DAIS] is an important organization with many services to provide crucial family safety from domestic abuse. The intense combination of the holiday season with the COVID pandemic has put many struggling families at even higher risk. Consider donating your money or time to this amazing organization

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