Bohemian Musings ~ April 11, 2021

Whisperings from Paradise Found

Happy April Friends!

Life has been full and busy as usual and full of excitement at our house. Brian had his first pick-up for Kettle Black Kitchen at his very own location on Monroe Street last week. He's like a pig in shit in his very own professional kitchen (haha! Can take the girl from the farm, but not the farm cussin' from the girl!).

My new Bohemian Oasis is coming along nicely. I found a lovely acquaintance to create and manage the jungle garden and another amazing artist to do a jungle oasis mural. The sauna has been ordered, and my Little and I are finishing the floor today. Hoping for an opening day mid-May.

I have been spending as much time as possible in my new yard. I love it SO much! I'm one of those weirdos that LOVE yard work. If you have any non-invasive perennials you want to share, I have a home for them in my yard!

Lastly, we are heading on our first camping trip next weekend in our brand spanking new camper (which you can rent at Shady Grove Fancy Camping!). Might be a little cold, but we're super stoked. Can't wait to share pictures.

Enjoy the Spring Energy Friends!


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Beautiful Things

Self-Care Tip: This is for Your Daughters

I have a never sought after or preferred working on any particular population of people....until now. Recently I have begun working with a few preteen and teen girls, and I LOVE it! It has made me realize how important it is for our young girls to receive compassionate bodywork during a very confusing and often painful (emotionally and physically) time of their lives. Imagine if you had received massages from a loving practitioner when you were a teenager....someone who could help you understand what safe, healing touch feels like and nudged you towards self-care techniques? How different would your teenage years have been? I know massage is expensive, and if you would like your daughter (or son) to come in for a session, but don't have the financial means, please contact me and we can work something out.

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Remember! Humor is an important part of the healing process. Let's not take ourselves too seriously ;)

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