Bohemian Musings ~ January 27, 2021

Whisperings from Paradise Found

Welcome to the deep freeze of Winter.

I have unexpectedly found myself at the center of a whirlwind of activity and change...not that this is abnormal for me, but these are some pretty big and important shifts. We will be moving into a new home (just down the street) at the beginning of March and my husband’s business (Kettle Black Kitchen) is moving into a brick and mortar commercial space in a couple of weeks...and of course, these are on top of homeschooling, running my full-time massage business, helping organize a new virtual Water Prayer Circle and getting the camper rental business (Shady Grove Fancy Camping) ready to run next season with a new camper...and let’s not forget pets, regular household chores and trying to find time for self-care and romance.

Thankfully, the inner work that I have been focused on for the last 6 months (and 25 years!) seems to have prepared me for such a moment. I keep expecting to feel anxious, panicky and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of actions that need to take place in such a short period of time; but when these thoughts come to me, I check in with my center. And yes, there is a hint of anxiety, but for the most part I am shocked at how peaceful feel. Over the last several months, my mantra has become “Move with the Waves of Inspiration and All Will be Well.” Living on the waves of inspiration allows for inspired activity at the crest - which barely feels like work when inspired - and profoundly resting in the trough - this means not feeling guilty for binge watching Bridgerton for 5 hours or doing a crossword puzzle each morning when I feel like it. Once you live like this for a while, you begin to understand that everything does have it’s time. Everything that needs to get done WILL get done when it, Life and I am ready for it to be done. Once you begin to trust in this way of living after seeing and feeling it work, anxiety and fear of being lazy or a procrastinator or failure at life begin to drop away. Of course, I still have my ups and downs, but now I am able to tease out more easily how the intensity of my ups and downs are often biological in nature. And this allows me to see and feel my intense emotions without getting overly invested in them and bungling my communication with others. It allows me to be softer, quieter, more patient, and more at ease with the process of life. My hope is that more of us can learn to live this way because soft, quiet, patient and ease are adjectives I would like to see more of us experiencing during this time. My hope is that my work embodies this way of living and that I can find more ways to offer profound healing and Earth connection to more people. So, when you come in for a session with me, please know that this is what I am hoping to rub into your body, suggest to your mind and offer to your Spirit. I am in love with Life and I hope you are too, but if you’re not, be open to the possibility.

May You All Find Beauty in Your Life,


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Song to Give You All the Feels

Heavy by Birdtalker

If you're lost and you're lonely Go and figure out why Take a trip to your dark side Go on and have a good cry 'Cause we're all lonely Yeah, we're all lonely together

I want to see your sadness I want to share your sin I want to bleed your blood and I want to be let in Don't you just Don't we all just Want to be together

Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind

If your face is down Take a look around Do your fingers move? Do your lungs inflate? Are you tired, are you weary Of the hidden hate you've been holding? Hey, did you lose that love or have you never had it? Are you feeling sad 'cause you did a bad thing? Hey

Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind

Are you feeling fearful, brother? Are you feeling fearful, sister? The only way to lose that fearful feeling Replace it with love that's healing Are you feeling fearful, brother? Are you feeling fearful, sister?

Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind Leave what's heavy What's heavy behind

Beautiful Things

“...I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

Self-Care Tip: Prioritize Your Sleep

Here's Why: "When it comes to taking care of your health and well-being, sleep is pretty much always part of the answer. Getting enough good-quality sleep keeps your immune system running at its best to fight off infections, like the one caused by the new coronavirus. Indeed: There are parts of the body’s immune response that happen only during sleep. Scientists know sleep is also one of the top ways we can help keep stress in check, as sleep deprivation can make us more sensitive to the effects of stress, ramping up our reactions (or overreactions). Finally, the brain needs sleep to function; without it you'll be less patient and focused, make poor decisions, and be more moody, irritable, and emotional." from Everyday Health

Here's How:

  • Increase bright light exposure during the day (get out and go for a walk!)

  • Don't consume caffeine late in the day

  • Try to wake and sleep at consistent times

  • Make your bedtime environment cozy and sleepy feeling: Think quiet, dark, and clean(ish!)

  • Decrease bedroom temperature to less than 70 degrees

  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine that quiets the body and mind

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Food for the Soul: Kettle Black Kitchen

Kettle Black Kitchen is a family run operation seeded by Brian Hamilton's lifetime of restaurant experience, watered by Alicia Hamilton's organizational and management skills and fertilized by the jolt of Covid in 2020.

Here at Kettle Black Kitchen, we strive to make your busy life easier and tastier! We realize what a trying time the past year has been. It has been hard for all of us. As restaurant folk, we have had our lives turned upside down by Covid, but we're all about making lemonade in the Hamilton Home!

We try to take some of the work out of cooking, but none of the joy out of eating by providing ready-to-eat and frozen meals, as well as meal kits.

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