Good Morning, What a Life

I tend to wait to do new "chores'' until I feel inspired, even though I feel like I should do them. That's how this blog has been. What should I write about? Will I have time to write a couple of paragraphs about bodywork and self-care every couple of day? Will I want to?! The big question rolling around in my head regarding this blog is what should it's focus be? I AM a massage therapist and yoga instructor and this IS my business website....., but 90% of what is meaningful in my life has little to do with my business, especially these days.

So, I've decided that this blog will focus on whatever the hell I'm feeling inspired by. Maybe it'll have to do with bodywork, maybe my dogs, maybe hiking, maybe my love life, but guaranteed for the next few months it'll be about parenting and homeschooling.

In the last week, my little family has decided to take the plunge and homeschool our beautiful daughter, Eleanor. This virus is just too damn scary to risk in-person education this fall, and thankfully, my husband and I are blessed to have flexible work schedules and a modest life style that will allow me to put the time into this crazy full-time endeavor.

I will still mix it up with lots of self-care ideas, but this blogging thing is a new skill for me, so you'll have to watch me flex my writing and creativity muscles quite a bit along the way as I practice my writing and learn and try new things.

Catch you on the flip side!

This bikini and rainbow sock wearing hiker deserves all the creative resources I can give her.
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