Homeschool Vision

I have started working my way through the book, "Plan Your year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace," and I thought it would be fun to share some of my process with you all.

Today, I'm working on my vision statement.

Step 1: What do I want my child to have experienced and/or be capable of when she "graduates" from our homeschool as an adult?

1. Experience regular live musical performances and plays

2. Be financially savvy and know how to budget and save money

3. Be an amazing cook and baker

4. Be able to plant and harvest a garden

5. Play an instrument or sing

6. Know how to run a small business

7. Be able to build and maintain a website

8. Find joy in volunteering and helping others

9. Know when and how to care for her body, mind and spirit

10. Have read great works of literature

11. Understand how history has led us to where we are today

12. Connect with different cultures of the world

13. Know what inspiration feels like and have the internal tools and external resources to pursue it

14. Be skeptical, know how to reason and make thoughtful arguments

15. Have appreciation for and find joy in nature

16. Be happy and at peace with the process of being alive

Man, I wish I could have gone to my homeschool. It wouldn't have taken me until I was 40 to figure my shit out!!! (Maybe....)

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