"Alicia has magical, strong and intuitive hands! She's been a dear friend of mine and I couldn't be happier to see her dive into her massage practice. She's been holding out on us! :) I will go back to her again and again and again and HIGHLY recommend her. Whether you want just a relaxing massage or if you want a deep tissue, get-in-there, get the job done massage- Alicia is your gal!"

Mickey D.

"Had a wonderfully relaxing shoulder and neck massage! Loved the hot stones! Glad you are back, darling! I missed your magical touch!"

Solvei A.

"I had the most amazing hour long massage from Alicia Hamilton! She uses this really amazing technique with hot stones and was able to relax my super tight muscles. Every minute of the massage was wonderful and purely indulgent... in a beautiful, warm space with Alicia's magical hands! Highly highly recommend!"

Nicole A.

"I loved my massage with Alicia! Due to back and neck problems, I have seen a lot of massage therapists in the past couple of years. Alicia was the best one of them all. She knew precisely where and how to work on my tight muscles. I will be back for more!"

Kavita K.

"Thank you, Alicia! The perfect massage in every way. So very relaxing but also incredibly releasing, with the perfect combination of gentler and deeper massage. I have disc issues with my back, and the full body massage completely helped and addressed these issues more than I could have imagined, pain free and enjoyably! Also, the hot stones were amazing! So relaxed, grateful and happy!"

Amanda M.

"Thank you Alicia Hamilton Massage!!! That WAS the best damn massage ever! Loved it. Perfect pressure, awesome techniques, and hot stones. So good! Thank you."

Dania C.

"Alicia gave me an excellent deep tissue massage. I am a pole instructor, so my shoulders and neck are ridiculously tense. First massage I've had where I feel such a difference the next day! The hot stones were AWESOME and so was the amount of pressure she used for the deep tissue! I highly recommend contacting Alicia for a massage - she's very professional and great at making a person feel comfortable."

Kate M.

"I had the most wonderful and relaxing massage with Alicia. It was my first time having hot stones used and I loooooved it. I will defiantly be a returning customer."

Hilary D.

"I received my first massage from Alicia a couple weeks ago and I am still benefiting from the deep relaxation she provided. She is very intuitive and found all my trouble spots with Ease. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be going to her for my massages in the future!"

Kristina S.

"This is the massage I was looking for! I've had ok experiences with hot stone massage before, but Alicia really uses them to enhance her talent as a massage therapist. If you breathe through the tight spots, you'll leave feeling like a happy puddle of mush."

Kiana E.

"my massage from alicia was amazing! very excellent deep tissue hot stone. really got in there. was about a week ago and i have felt better ever since. she also mentioned to me very specific information on many of the root causes of my pain as it relates to my line of work as a line-cook (hint, hint, back of house wink emoticon ). as a chronic pain sufferer, her intensive massage was just the thing i needed to add to my quality of life. looking forward to the next one, and recommend you do the same."

David O.

"Had the most amazing massage with Alicia! She has a very relaxing space with pleasant aroma therapy scents and great music. She gave me a much needed combination of hot stone and deep tissue massage. You can really tell she's passionate about what she does by the quality of her work. I left feeling amazing! Would definitely recommend."

Shanise F.

"Alicia Hamilton has a true gift. Not only a gift of hands but also a gift at touching your soul. She knows how to get years worth of kinks out to make the body feel like new. She also cares for each patient touching your soul. She is very uplifting and an inspiration. Thank you Alicia!"

Trevor R.

"The best massage I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Perfect pressure and relaxing atmosphere. Everything was top notch!"

JonAnne W.

I liked the focus on the leg muscle groups; depth of knowledge and experience; music; use of online tools for commicating

Joe F.

"A truly wonderful and relaxing experience."

James M.

"I was very pleased with my massage. I was hoping that Alicia could do something to relieve the pain in my knee and she did. And to find out she spent some time in my home town was such a coincidence! I'll be back - need to coordinate with chiropractor appointments."

Jeanne E.

"This is the best massage I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Do yourself, your body and health a favor and book a massage with Alicia."


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